Friday, January 28, 2011

Fantasy ga Hajimaru

I won't start with the typical "Hi, my name is ..." like most of the others do.
Let's be honest. Starting a blog, finding a title and writing the first entry is hard work. Well, maybe starting a blog isn't, but everything else, if you want to be creative, sure is.
I hate titles. I really do. They have to be smart, catchy, maybe funny or mysterious, but as soon as people think you're stupid as bread, they'll never come back and good bye to your bright blogger career.
So, what does Resonant Blue stand for? Besides it is a song title from my favourite group, I really like the idea of sound and vision, combined to a great experience. I'm sorry to those, thinking I'm going to blog about my lovely Morning Musume all day and night, because it's not my intention. Go ahead, find yourself a JPop blog, I'm fine with it. Of course sometimes I'm going to talk about them, since they're a big part of my life, despite the fact I've passed 14 a long time ago. You can still love music, right?
By the way, this post's title is a Morning Musume song, too... I just hate thinking of titles. Luckily my parents don't think that way or I would be the nameless girl...

This is not my first blog. It's actually the third one. Only one of the others is still active and it wouldn't be a lot fun to you, since it's mainly in Japanese and quite dull. Some time ago I've lost interest in blogging, but today I've watched the movie Julie & Julia (which is great by the way) and I was reminded, why I startet in first place.
So I was thinking ... I'm not interested in looking back on my first blog, it's been almost 4 years and I've become a different person. I really like the idea of having a project like in the movie. Since I'm a passionated chef myself, cooking is an obvious idea, but it has been done and I'm lacking persistence. I'm not quite sure, what to do with this blog, but I'll figure it out! Maybe I should just talk about my life the way it is ... unspectacular. Maybe being that unspectacular makes it great!
Or maybe not.

That's what I got to find out.

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