Saturday, January 29, 2011

TOEFL test

Today I took the very famous Test Of English a Foreign Language. Nowadays it being able to speak a language and that very well doesn't mean you actually speak the language. No, you need a certificat, that you've paid like 200 bugs for, then and not till then you are officially declared of being able to speak English! Well alright, you gotta pass the test, too...

So, I've registered for the TOEFL in November of last year, told myself how easy it would be for me, since my English is just slamming but today I didn't feel that safe anymore. What if they used super complicated vocabulary or ask grammar questions? I'm so not able to handle that!
When we walked in the testing room - everyone on its on like it's the final curtain - I stared at my desktop (yes, it's a computer based test ... no one actually uses pencils anymore. we should safe them up for times when coal gets rare), waiting.
Then it started. Was it difficult? Yes. Did I panic? I don't think so. Every text was a non fictional text, mostly about biology or history. Understand wasn't a problem at all but sometimes the answers didn't fit the question. While talking with some of the others, they could just manage it to tell me how it sucked, during their gasps but I don't know ... it was hard, but alright! You wanna study in the US or GB? Well you gotta understand those texts, right?

I have to wait two weeks for the results ... I hope I passed 80 points, that was my goal.

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