Sunday, January 20, 2013

Let's just keep it together!!!

Tomorrow is a very important day in this semester. I'm giving a report in front of the class. Everybody has to do it once, but the thing is ... I hate this shi*t!!! I really suck at delivering speeches, especially when it's important. My nerves usually kill me...
The topic tomorrow will be "The Shadows of Globalization". Totally awesome, right? I not only have to give that damn presentation, I have to act it out so that people think I know what I'm talking about... I actually learned the whole thing by heart, but now it's too rehearsed. College, oh college...

So yeah, I got to watch "Are all men pedophiles?" today. That's a documentary, that caused some serious drama, because of a Lolita on the movie poster. I don't really know, what to think about it... I don't think it's very good, but not because of the Lolita thing, but because the "experts" where sorta unbelievable (I mean that priest, that explained, why it was all very understandable. Like serious?) and there were some spelling mistakes. In a documentary... like "psycologist" instead of "psychologist." It's weird...
In the end, I think they answered their question quite safely. Like yes and no, it depends on the definition.
I don't know.
Wasn't shocked, that it didn't get an Oscar nomination...

(master of transition)
It's going to be Oscar time soon! I LOVE the Oscars and I've been watching them since I couldn't understand a word they were saying (so almost 10 years now?). My mom and I usually watch them together and it's always like:
*me laughs*
Mom: "What did he say?"
*me translates*
>another joke<
Mom: "What did he say?"

I got used to it... but still, I can't wait for it, especially for the hosts. This year Seth MacFarlane will host the show and I'm curious, because I don't really know him.

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