Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bubble Tea in Berlin

Bubble Tea or Boba Tea is a phenomenon, that's gettin bigger in bigger around the world. Invented in Taiwan during the 1980s, it has now made its way all to Germany.
So far I only knew Bubble Tea Bars in western German cities and one in the western part of Berlin at the Kudamm, which is still very far away for me.

BUT NOW! A new Bubble Tea Bar oppened at Hackescher Markt (names aren't my fault...)
I got to know it today around 10am and at 4pm I was there and bought my very first Bubble Tea.

The sort is called "Honeydew" and has honey melon with black tea and milk. My boba bubbles were Lychee taste. It was really good!! But tasted nothing like tea. Still, I wish I had the bigger size, not only small to try it out.

The bar is really cute. Smal, but nice. They have 13 sorts of drinks, but you can also have your own bubble tea mixed. Price is 2,70€ for small with 0,30€+ for some special boba bubble sorts.
You can also buy small cakes, which I didn't try. But they seem to be really good, because there were only 5 pieces left.

Well, I hope you can try it out, soon.

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