Monday, May 30, 2011

Bento: Pancakes and Glazed Carrots

This is one of the bentos I've recently made.

It's a Pancake Bento:

Pancakes, Glazed Carrots, Blueberries, Radishes and Chili-Cheese-Balls (frozen product). The little bottle contains maple syrup.

For the pancakes you can just use a pancake mix! I use the German brand "Mondamin". Of course pancakes aren't a very healthy lunch for everyday. But you can't have rice as daily basis ... you get bored sooner or later. So sometimes you should mix it up with different karbohydrate dishes like noodles, bread or pastries like pancakes, wraps or milkbread.
If you want a cuter bento, try to cut the pancakes in shapes ... teddy bears, cars, flowers ... a big cookie cutter works best for clear edges. Chocolate sauce is perfect for decoration like faces etc.

Glazed Carrots are a great alternative for picky eaters. You underline the carrot's sweetness with sugar, but it's still healthy.

Glazed Carrots:

6 mini carrots or 2 normal carrots
1 Tbsp Sugar
1Tbsp Butter

1. Peel carrots. Put carrots in a small saucepan and add just enough water to cover the carrots. Bring to boil.
2. Add sugar and butter and reduce heat. Cook until the liquid is gone.
3. Check if the carrots are tender.

That's it!

Glasierte Karotten:

6 Minikarotten oder 2 normale Karotten
1TL Zucker
1TL Butter

1. Karotten schälen. In eine kleine Saucenpfanne geben und mit Wasser gerade bedecken. Kochen.
2. Zucker und Butter hinzufügen und Hitze reduzieren. Solange kochen bis die Flüssigkeit verschwunden.
3. Jetzt nur noch überprüfen, ob die Karotten weich sind!



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