Monday, November 14, 2011

Kanon x Kanon in Berlin

Last week's Friday, I've attended another very interesting event!
Kanon x Kanon were in Berlin for their Europe tour kanonxkanonxkanon and I was there!

Kanon x Kanon are Wakeshima Kanon and Kanon from An Cafe. I didn't know much about them, but I had a Wakeshima Kanon CD before and decided, it would be fun to go!

It was SO cold - first minus degress this winter - but there were so many girls, dressed as lolita, waiting outside. They must have the greates heat inside their bodies, because I was wearing triple layers and still freezing!
Luckily we were able to go inside really quickly, where I bough a Kanon x Kanon T-shirt (so cute!) and ... for no reason whatsoever ... bismark doughnuts (Why are they called bismark?? In Germany, they're called Berliner and in Berlin pancakes ... funny, huh?).

Concert started of really great. Wakeshima Kanon-chan started with a 30 minute solo performance, filled with songs from her two albums. She worked really hard and did her best, but she had cought a cold and somehow her energy was a little low. But that's alright! I mean, she was ill and still went on stage and looked gorgeous!

Then it was Kanon-san's part ... and it was a little weird. He wasn't singing or playing bass, he was just the DJ, standing behind his laptop, playing Anime videos with techno for half an hour. It was really weird ... and loud.

FINALLY, they appeared togeth for the last 30 minutes! She sang different songs with him playing bass and they were also dancing and covering anime songs. It was really great!
I totally love "Dolls" ... or what the name was...

I'm a little sad Kanon-chan hat only two outfits ... she should have worn more, because she always looks beautiful!

You can check a few impressions here! Lau.chan and I made this video together (well, again, I'm behind the camera, when she's speaking...):

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