Sunday, November 27, 2011

So boring, so boring... and a little Lolita

What can I say?? I REALLY WANT TO BLOG MORE! But I don't know what I can talk about...
Currently, my whole life is just so boring.
Studying, training, rehearsal, studying, training, rehearsal, studing, traning reharsal, sting, tring, resal ... oi vey

Talking about university really isn't that interesting at all. I have to read a lot and when I'm done with that, I have to read some more...
In my Ancient World seminar we're currently talking about the conflict between Octavian and Antonius, which rings no bells in your mind, right?
It's actually not that bad at all... the main point is all about women during that time and I also have to read this book:

Which is quite good. So far, I've read like 1/3 of the book but I'll keep reading, so next weekend I'll be through half way.

In my Middle Ages seminar we're always talking about the 14th century, which is the topic. Currently we're talking about epidemics. It's really interesting, but also extremely disgusting, too.
Did you know, that the big Black Death epidemic, that killed like 1/3 of the European people, very likely wasn't the Black Death, but another much more dangerous desease.

Most people don't like history, but when you look at it from another point of view, it's often like solving ancient mysteries!

What else?
Oh right! I'll be going to Disney on Ice!! I'm so happy! I'm sure I'll be like the oldest "kid" but it doesn't matter to me.

This year's theme is "Princesses and Heroes", which sounds really cheesy and for girls.

I don't like the "Disney Princesses" concept very much, because I think a girl should slay her own dragons, but what the heck!
I'm sure the music will be great and there'll be some awesome iceskating involved! I hope they'll have Stitch, he always makes my day, but I doubt it... he's not very princessy...

I've also had a new Lolita shooting. It's Classic Lolita again and I feel like they're trying to pigeonhole me as a certain age type.

I really want to wear Sweet Lolita, too!! I'm still a girl! Please stop dressing me like a matron. Not always classic, not always dark colors, not always weird sleeve lengths! Please, either a JSK or an OP ... not these middle sleeves, I never know if I have to wear a blouse or not!
Ha well ... at least, I've managed to get a cute Country Lolita dress ... but it's almost December, damn it! oO

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