Monday, November 7, 2011

Some purchases and the New Morning Musume 2012

Yay, I finally made time for another post!

This is my 4th week of college and I'm really busy. I don't have that many classes, but the homework's intense! My free days are Wednesday and Friday, but I can't enjoy them. I spend the whole day by sitting at my desk and read, write or look up stuff. Most people don't seem to understand ... they think "Wow, you only have classes on three days the week! I want that, too!" I may be in college only three days, but I'm working 5-6 days every week like everybody else.
Only good thing, only three days a week, I have to share the bathroom with hundreds of others.

What else? OH RIGHT!

I got some cute stuff! This is my fat squirrel:

My ma bought it for me, because it's so cute. I actually have enough of these plushies ... but I can't resist a fat animal plushie. >< I now have a fat cow, a fat whale (of course), a fat snowman and now the fat squirrel too! Unbelieveable all the fatness...

I also got a new wallet. My old one was already really in pieces but since I've got in during my months in Japan, I never wanted to give it up.
But I had to ... I got another cute wallet:

Ha, so cute! Lately I'm getting lots of stuff in pink...

I also got the new Morning Musume calendar!!! No pics though ... I'm getting it for Christmas and so I'm not allowed to see it yet, but that's what it's looking like:

Yeah, Zukki, Aika, Eripon!! My favourites all in one row! I'm a Momusu fan for over 6 years now and I was really scared about all the graduations, but I found new favourites in Erina and Kanon, who are both kinda really stupid that you just have to love them!!! I also got to like Sayu lately. I hated her, when she was that super narcisstic but she's changed and Risa, of course, is adorable, too.
Problem is ... I miss Ai-chan too much. Eri was bad ... but with Ai-chan gone, something's MISSING!!! I can't ignore the fact that I'm struggeling in liking Momusu the way I did before her graduation. I just hope the new single will be great, so I'll fall in love all over again... I just hope, there won't be any more graduations soon.

Have you heard the new album "12, Smart" yet?? It's so awesome!

I really like the songs "Ok Yeah", "My Way" and "Silver no Udedoki". Next album has a bitte task.

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