Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hanami 2012 and more

So last week, college's 2nd semester started and this time I'm taking classes in modern history. I'm really happy. I'm learning stuff about the civil rights movement and about pirates and about Europe's international relations during the 19th century. Quite some interesting stuff. Actually, I was supposed to study this weekend (or rather not study, but carefully read some texts, because the one prof seems strict), but I just didn't do it. Instead, I was spending Saturday by doing nothing and today was Hanami.
I went there with Lau.chan and we tried to pull off Lolita for a whole day for the first time! I'm going to use pics from her blog, because I'm too lazy, to load them myself.^^""

It was Lau.chan first time to actually wear Sweet Lolita and she did a great job! She never wore the shoes before, a big headpiece and she's not a wig-person (unsolved mystery...)

I've completely dressed her up as my own little doll,^^"" but from now on, she can surely pull off Lolita herself.

Rrrrr, my petticoat was always showing, damn it! >_<
Some other Renai girl's were there, too.

Mina as maid


and Giny as the handicaped pokemon Teddiursa, which lost its moon...
Yumi was there too, she was being Misty from Pokemon, but we didn't take any pictures with her. >_<
At the end, I was just really tired and my feet are killing me!! But it was really fun and we were invited to a Lolita group (can you believe it, they invited us!), I've met an old friend from school (gotta write her an e-mail soon!) and people've been taking our picture all the time, so now there are quite some pictures of us circling around ... kinda weird ... but kinda awesome.

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