Sunday, May 13, 2012

100th Post

Yay, this is my 100th entry on this blog! I thought I had to make it special and so I was thinking what I could write about. Nothing seemed special enough, although there were lots of things.

Renai had another live, this time near Mannheim, which is really far away from Berlin and we had to stay for the whole weekend.
Our live was quite good... why only quite? Because the monitoring was immensly loud, that none of us could hear herself singing ... meaning we were too loud or too silent or not on tone or or or ... it was really confusing. -_- We also made a lot of dancing mistaktes ... somehow the whole performance was just too weird!! Can you imagine?!

But for the evening we went to a ballroom dance. It was kinda interesting and I was really looking forward to it, because it was the first time for me. Everyone looked awesome! Let me show you some pictures! :D I must excuse, because the quality kinda sucks ... the lobby was dark and we had to use flash...

Yumi, looking stunning! She made the skirt herself.

The unhappy couple. XD I actually forced them to pose like this, but they reminded me of a prom couple!

Giny! Looking murderous as always. XD

 Daisy with another great dres!! Aww, I really want a dress like that!!!

Laureen in a cute, frilly dress.

Mina with my huge, blonde wig.^^

And me with her wig! We had a situation and didn't know what to do with our hair, so in the end, we just switched.^^

Aaaaaand today... is actually my birthday! I'm getting older and older. X.X
Yesterday was my stageplay ander after that, my friends were with my and the whole ensemble waited for me to turn older. Everybody sang for me and it was really a nice turn. I still wish, it never happened. T_T

And today I celebrated with my family. My parents, grandparents and me, we all went for lunch and we had cake aaaand I got presents... maybe I should show you some pics tomorrow.

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