Sunday, June 10, 2012

Jubilee and Public Viewing

Close to my home is a beautiful park, called "Gardens of the World." It used to be just a nice park, but then, I think 10 years ago, they've started building international inspired gardens with help from the certain nations. Currently they have Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Balinese, Oriental, Renaissance and Christian gardens and a maze. Sounds beautiful, right? Well it is!
Yesterday those park celebrated its 25th birthday with lots of show elements and public soccer viewing and I've went with a friend to watch it.

My outfit. This picture is kinda weird ... I like the pose, because it makes me look skinnier, but my facial expression could be much better. The shirt is really cute though! It has a bow over the heart and knots at the back. It's from mexx.

They had lots of delicious food and I've tried a lot. I was happy about his one: Ichigo Daifuku! Never had them before.


This one's cool! The park is planning a new garden, called "Zauberwald" or "Enchanted Forest". This is the first figurine.
And then:

My first public viewing! Germany vs. Portugal and Germany won!
Public Viewing is quite a new phenomenon in Germany. In 2006 we've hosted the World Cup here and that was the beginning of masses gathering to watch the games together. Only for big events like the World Cup or the European Championship though ... and only soccer. Kinda weird actually...
But it was my first time and I LOVED IT! I'm not a big sports fan, but the masses around you just pull you with them. It's awesome. Although it was reeeeeally cold! >_<

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