Sunday, June 17, 2012


... is disgusting!

Or so I thought. A while ago, my dad learned, that his cholesterol was too high and he was supposed to eat less eggs and meat, more unsaturated fatty acids. So we started to drink soymilk. My mum loved it, my dad and me hated it, because it tasted a lot like grass. It's always been like this. My dad and I usually don't go together, but when it comes to food, we're best friends. So it happened, what had to happen. Everyone stopped drinking soymilk again...

...until yesterday! We still had one box of soymilk in the fridge, which was due in April (but still closed, so no problem). I've decided to finally get rid of it and made the black sesame smoothie as seen in Cooking With Dog.

(That's actually not the one, it's just a good pic)
I was really sceptical, but it turned out to be friggin' delicious!!!
And it didn't tasted like grass at all!
Today I've tried another shake with strawberries and it's so good.

I've started to LOVE soymilk shakes. They're healthy, low in calories (still it's not caloriefree, you can't drink them as a refreshment), carbohydrates and fat , it helps you to slag and when you combine it with black sesame, it'll also have a dietary effect.

So for everyone, who wants to lose some weight, slag and feel better, I can only recommend soymilk and soymilk shakes!
I'll be buying another box tomorrow...

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