Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cookbook Mix

After thinking and thinking, I've decided to try recipes out of both books, since I couldn't pick the best one.

I think I'll still go with cooking myself throught "1000 recipes to try before you die" although "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" sounds better and more classic. But no way, it has a whole chapter on brains ... in times before BSE reached the world it might have been just disgusting but no I can't think of eating brain with out thinking "Damn it, NO!" Zombies can have my share.
So I'm skipping the brains, livers, kidneys and whatever they had ... I can live with eating liver and anything but I don't need to cook several recipes with it.

"1000 recipes to try before you die" has just a few disgusting dishes I might wanna try when really spicy or I'm terribly drunk. Snails, anyone?
Plus, it's not ordered by type, but country, which might come in handy!

So, tomorrow I'll start cooking with the very first recipe from Julia Child's cookbook: Potage Parmentier and I'm going to make a picutre of the result!

Saturday, I'll be making the first dish from 1000 recipes ... the book starts off with Belgique. I've checked some recipes and not everything is really typical ... so I might change some ingredients from time to time.

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