Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Salade Liègoise and Kempen Powerbroth

Saturday, I've made the first meals from 1000 recipes and it started with Belgian Salade Liègoise and Kempen Powerbroth ... well I'm sure bouillon is the proper term, but powerbroth is the literal translation from German.
So, what gives you the power from the broth ... I have no idea! It consists of like 1 ton of white beans ... and mainly that. You put in some extra leek, bacon (you need Ardennes bacon, but try to find that), Croûtons and that's it. Simple, fast and quite dull. I couldn't eat it up...

The salat was very interesting, I've never had cold potatoes in one. Well of course, I'm German and we love potatoe salat, but there needs to be some mayonnaise or yoghurt or vinegar and oil in it. I actually think for Germans having cold potatoes is like running someone over...

It wasn't that bad actually, but I also couldn't eat it up, too. Well, I was also quite ill and happy to just eat something!

Beans, potatoes and yeah ... bacon.

Tomorrow "Bifteck Sauté Au Beurre" with "Petits Pois Frais à l'Anglaise" and "Purée De Pommes De Terre à l'Ail".

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