Sunday, February 5, 2012

Country Lolita Tea Party + Alice and the Black Cat

Ahoihoi everyone! It's been so long since my last post, I'm really sorry!! I've been busy with college and my first paper. In one week, I'm going to write a term paper and I've just started learning... I should have started like a week ago, but the stupid paper ruined my whole plan. And on Thursday, I have to deliver the topic for the next paper and I need a source ... I have a book full of great sources, which are all about my topic ... and they're all in Latin! Damn it. T_T I'll be so happy when this semester is over, cause then I'm definitly not going to do anything Middle Ages related again!

Today, I've also posted another blog entry for This time, I've had a Countrylolita dress, which is  really pretty and I like it a lot.

The theme was tea party!
But ... the stupid zipper just doesn't work properly!! The dress fits perfectly, someone's helping and still it doesn't work! This time it was so bad, I had to hold the dress together with safetey pins. So annoying!!!!!!! Please, get better zippers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND!! The dress, I've bought like 5 months ago, finally arrived! It's a Replica (tam tam taaam) of Baby the Stars Shine Bright's Alice and the Black Cat.

Please ignore the black petticoat! I have a white one on the way ... it's actually soooooooo close ... just have to get it from the post office on Monday, but I couldn't wait.
It's so pretty and I LOVE IT! Well ... almost ... it would be perfect if it wasn't a babydoll... I've ordered a normal waist but I don't have any comparison. Is this really a normal waist?? Seems a lot like high waist to me ... and if it is normal waist how high is high?? Weird, really weird. I'm not a big fan of baby dolls, they only look awesome on skinny, flat girls. I mean, this one isn't bad at all! From the front, I think, it looks really cute and in combination with the wig, it looks good. But from the side I look pregnant ... with twins. Don't know what to do about it... I don't want to send it back, it's so cute and took so long! But somehow.... argh! Seems, it's impossible to get the perfect look!!

Any tips how to safe this??? Maybe I should wear it with a cardigan...

Well then, back to the desk! T_T


  1. I was just wondering about the replica dress because I'm thinking of ordering the same one. Normal waist and colour too! Did you order a custom size or order the default size? I've heard that the custom orders can take FOREVER until they're finished and ready to ship. Also, how tall are you? Because I'm 5,6-5,7 and I'm a little worried about the skirt length and where the 'normal' waistline would be on me. And were there any other problems with the jsk that you could see? I've been reading a lot of reviews. Thanks :)

    1. I've ordered a default size and they've told me, there's been a little mistake. Like it's normal waist for a small girl ... But you have to be really small for this. But lenght is alright, I'm 5.6, too. Or at least that's what I think, because I'm 170cm tall (German^^). Otherwise the dress was really great and cute. :)
      It still took forever. Whenever you order from Dream Of Lolita you can forget the 4-6 weeks and think about 4 months... So you should be patient. :)

    2. Hmm, weird that it took so long. I'm more than likely ordering through a service such as Qutieland or MyLolitaDress and they say that the dress is "in stock" and would ship in about 5-7 business days if you order a default size. Let's hope it doesn't take 4 whole months! :P
      It also sounds like it should fit fine because my waist is about 73 cm so hopefully a medium size should fit alright. Thanks you! :)

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