Sunday, January 22, 2012

A few days ago, I've bought something from the lovely (but lil' pricey) shop Strapyaworld! And because I WANTED TO HAVE IT REALLY BADLY, I've used EMS - that's super fast shipping.

Here's, what I've got!

Super squishy Hello Kitty macaron. My mom already grapped it for herself, ah well. I know where it is, when I need it.

Another squishy thing - a Nigiri Sushi! It looks so delicious! ><

Hello Kitty Donut! It's sooo pretty and big. In the past, I didn't like squishy danglers at all. But lately, I've grown to like them a lot and so I bought three!

Cute Minnie Mouse dangler. I'm really happy with it. I've wanted the cupcake or the chocolate!

Aaaand Mickey, of course! I've actually wanted the pretzel, but the smoothie would have been my second choice.^^

Another Mickey, but in the shape of a candied apple. It looks actually kinda real, if it wasn't that tiny. oO I always feel like biting it.

An ichigo daifuku aaaaand last but not least, I've got this:

It's a kit for making cute Pocky! I can't wait to try it out.

Another topic! Yesterday was the last performance of Renai tte NANI?! and it was really good! Well, we had some mistakes in form of organisation, but singing and dancing went really well. We sang really well! From next month on, we're going to tour with Otsukarenai! The World May End 2012! This Group Won't!

You can watch the videos on our channel, here's the first one:

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