Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Shoes Shoes Shoes

Lately I've been getting lots of shoes - basically every single pair not suitable for everyday. Actually a bit stupid, but what you begin with Lolita, you "need" more and more stuff to get a good coordination, right? So I just can't only own a pair of white shoes! Because sometimes I want to wear white stockings or socks and that would look totally weird! So I "need" a pair of pink shoes for the pink clothes ... but then I have a lot of blue too... and I can't wear the pink shoes with my blue OPs and such ... so I "need" blue shoes! Of course I do! And then my white shoes aren't really comfortable ... I can't walk with them the whole day ... so yeah, I "need" another pair of more comfortable white shoes...
and in the end I'm calling another few pairs my own ... plus another one, that I got from my boss for a shooting and although they aren't Lolita at all, still not wearable...

Well, they're cute and I'm happy I have them now... but now I've got another problem!! Because I can't always wear white stockings ... sometimes I need to wear something else ... like socks or something ... well, I guess you already know it ... today I bought like 3 pairs of new socks in different styles ... I even can't tell my mom about it anymore, because she's already like "You already have so many skirts, dresses, blouses and shoes ... why do you need more? Do you have some kind of shopping addiction? Do you?!"

What can I say? Maybe she's right ... I always shop, when my world's falling apart (how pathetic)... and lately I've been shopping a lot.

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