Friday, March 11, 2011

Chicory Gratin

Oh my God, I'm always late with blogging.
It was already Sunday that I made a new 1000 recipes dish from Belgium.

Chicons au Gratin

First of all, I don't like chicory very much. But as I 'vepromised myself, I'm going to try every dish except for the tripes.

Well it wasn't all that bad, I guess. The chicory was still a little bitter, but drowned in cheese and sauce only half that bad. I made a roux, which I usally ruin, but this time it was fine! It tastes like I could inject butter directly into my veins, but hey... it had vegetables, right?!

All you need to do ... make a roux, stirr in milk, wrap chicory in ham, put it in a casserole, pour over the sauce and cheese and bake! Done!

Maybe I should also blog about other things than cooking to fill this blog. Let's see.

Tomorrow will be codfish!

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