Monday, March 14, 2011


Actually I was going to post my cooking experience with cod fish cooked in beer, but after what has happened over the last days, got my mind away from cooking ... well actually I'm cooking more than ever, to get my mind off Japan, but I don't feel like trying new recipes.
In 2008 I've spent several months in Japan in which I've learned, that it's a great country with great people but has it's flaws like every other nation in the world. One are the nuclear power plants. I DO UNDERSTAND they need it for energy. What I don't understand are the people, who believe in thos plants without asking questions. Why isn't there an anti nuclear movement like in any other country? Searching for alternatives? They thought they could win over a technology, that has no future ...
Well ... alright, alright. I understand you shouldn't talk bad about people, who sit in sh*t and I want to help so badly. Japan is the only other country except Germany, where I've lived, so it's like my second home. This year I was going to go back during summer, but who knows, what'll happen to my plans.
TV says, if they don't handle Fukushima soon it might be worse than Tschernobyl in 1986 ... only that Tschernobyl did not have an almost 40 million people city close. Oh God, I don't want to think about it! This is like a horror movie, where population dies due to nuclear war.
Next year is 2012 ... maybe end of the world is not that far away anyway.

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