Friday, March 4, 2011

Casserole-sautéed Pork Chops

Yesterday was another dish from "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" - quelle surprise. It's just so delicious, I want to have lunch out of this cook book every week!

I made Côtes de Porc Poêlées.

Pork chops and steaks are best, we think, when they are cut thick, browned on each side, then cooked in a covered casserole or skillet like the preceding casserole roasts of pork.

I can proudly say, this was NOT the first time I made pork chops! I really like cooking pork, because it's inexpensive, everywhere available and it usually tastes good with only a tiny effort. Too bad it's actually a disguised very tasty killer, that comes with cholesterol instead of bullets.
Since my dad has too high cholesterol, which makes us all drink meadow flavoured soymilk now ... everyday ... I can't cook a lot meat anymore, so I'm REALLY enjoying the thursdays.
The chops were really good. I used dry vermouth for the sauce, which was so delicious, I want to bath in it ... I want my future children to bath in it! Best sauce ever!!

As always, the meal did not look very appealing, but it was very good and easy! Only thing is ... Julia says, you can cook the potatoes with the meat. Maybe I just didn't get it right, but it didn't work out! Potatoes were still a little too hard inside. The red cabbage came out of a jar, because I forgot to buy sauerkraut!

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