Friday, July 22, 2011

Florida and Doll Princess Shooting

So, "thanks" to an a**, that demolished my car, I need to wait for the police and can spend my surprisingly won freetime with blogging.

So what have I been up to?
Tuesday, I'll be flying to Florida (my first time in the states, I'm so nervous!) an try to relax and not to think about anthing or anybody. I love my friends, my work, my group ... but I need a break. I think, they understand, I'm tired.

I gotta think of a lot of stuff to take with me... or better, what not to take. I'm FINALLY visiting a country, were I am not to tall or voluptuous for the boutiques and I'm making use of it! So I'm going with a half empty case to fill it there. Already got permition from home. Haha!

Anyone knows good clothing stores in Florida??

I also worked for

I had a foto shooting:

Haha, I'm a doll!

Missing the second shoe...

...and searching for it.

He knows where it is!

Finally, I found it!

And taped the first makeup tutorial:

It's a very aristocrat look, but you can't see it on the picture. I have to work hard to edit the video, where I'm putting this makeup on, so you can see, what it's about...

I've also made a new dance ... it's a Para Para ... I don't like most of them, but this song was just way to cool, I had to dance it! I've tried to go for gyaru style, but it was a big fail ... I look old! Dark hair is just not for me...

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