Saturday, July 2, 2011

Some purchases

Sooo, lately I've got me some great new stuff to cheer me up from my little downslide. I know, I should find another way but shopping to get over sadness, but it works really well. Maybe I should write, when I'm sad ... or go for a walk ... or sing as loudly as possible.
Well, at least I don't eat to get happy, right?

Still, I want to show you some of the cute things I got!

First, I got a book, that I wanted for long from my beloved Lucy Maud Montgomery (Anne of Green Gables) ... it got here on the same day as my Only You single and my AKB48 album.

Actually, I'm not a very big fan of AKB48 (just TOO many) themselves, but their songs are good! So all I wanted was the regular album, but it was sold out and I got the limited edition with DVD... I haven't watched it yet, but I'm going to! I mean I bought, right? It even got with a photo and several exchangeable covers. I stay with the usual one, but on the inside I now have that girl with the long hair, purple pailette outfit and pink eyeshadow. I have no idea, who she is, but I find her very cute!! I actually like the girls on the back of the CD a lot cuter than the girls on the front...
Morning Musume's Only You ... I preordered it, so it would be counted into the Oricon charts. I love Morning Musume for like 6 years now and I'm buying their singles and albums for maybe 2 1/2 years ... I could have started earlier ... but to make up my delay, I'm buying all the CDs in Japan Version and during the first week or earlier so it'll count at Oricon and support my girls.
I already preordered the next single and it will be released mid September... but it'll be Ai-chan's graduation single an people are already preordering it LIKE CRAZY! So if you want the special edition with Ai-chan's solo song you should preorder it right now! I've ordered the Regular Edition and the Graduation Edition. I've never bought two editions before (money...), but this time I had to. Gotta support Ai-chan and Morning Musume!

Next thing I got was this package from Taiwan.

It's a lot of letter sets

and other cute stuff like wagashi erasers, Rilakkuma Baran or cellphone straps.

And today I got my very first fake eye lashes! It's so cool! I think, I'm a natural talent when it comes to applying them! Or maybe I'm just completly ruining it and don't realizing? Who knows? It's still fun.

Still gotta buy some  glue, but I've read that Douglas and Rossmann offer it.

Okay, I don't know why, but blogspot is flipping some of my pics ... weird. I had to get the upper pics into landscape format so that they'd be displayed right up.

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