Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Short Pants

Hey everybody! Almost a week ago, I've went out to buy me a pair of short pants. Because ... well ... I had none. It's so simple, it has nothing to do with style and there's no cute story to it. All I had were long pants and I remember, last year we sometimes had like 40°C. My knees need to breath!

Only a few years ago, I would have never made this decision, because I'm a fatty-chan (I guess you're not supposed to call yourself like that ... but I really like it oO) and my self-esteem was like low low low low low low low.
It took me some time to realize, that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. You can weigh 90lbs or 200lbs and you can still be the greatest woman on earth. If you feel you need to lose weight to be a better woman, it doesn't matter what your size will be, there'll always be something missing.

Okay, I'm not one of the people, who say: "As long as you're happy." I'm saying: "As long as you're healthy." And yes, you can be a little chubby and still be healthy! There are also people, who are a little too thin, but they're healthy. Of course there's also the other side.
I just don't like people to think, you weigh like 10lbs more than you should, well then you're slightly obese and need to think about diabetes and such things. I hate that! It's ridiculous!

Eeeeh, but I was trying to say with this post ... here are my new pants:

Haha, these shoes. I have them for years now and I never wear them, because I can't walk in them. It hurts! But they're pink mules with tiny pink bows on them. It's awesome. Well, I know they don't fit the pants, but I wanted to wear them! I guess, I'm G.I. Barbie.

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