Friday, July 15, 2011

Pink Power Lolita

Our new Subarashi dresses arrived today and with them came our new Renai Revolution Morning Musume Moonlight Night Super Pink Outfits! Yes, it's a long name!

They're so pretty, that I needed to take a picture right away.

I'm not styled and the quality is low (bad light) and my hair is still in sporty shape ... but it's just such a cute dress! Maybe a little short for me ... but who cares! When I drop something I just let it be.

It's from the brand Red Queen Black Legion and you can buy it here. The site may be in German, but the contact is in English as well! So you can just write them an email and get the dress to whereever you live! And it's really inexpensive.
They also have a lot of other fashion at

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