Friday, July 15, 2011

Dolly Styling and Last Week

Lately I haven't blogged very much ... or I have and didn't post any pictures. Well, I'm not the best ... eh ... camwhore ... but who cares, right?

So, I've been up to some things. I hade a photoshoot, which I can't blog about yet, because it would be like spoiling. We also got a BIG package with lots of great new Lolita things ... but I can't tell you about them either. 

Well I can show you my styling ... a bit.

It was after the shoot, so I'm already back in my everyday clothes. The lashes are really too much, but it was a dolly theme.  Oh ... and why does my face look sooooo ... askew. Weird.

I've also been to that very famous Swedish chain of furniture markets and I found something totally cute!

Haha ... it was the same day, that's why I'm wearing the same shirt. I had the shooting afterwards. I know I look a little nerdy here but sometimes I'm just too bored to dress up.
Just concentrate on that little strawberry and broccoli! I wonder if they also have other plushies like that.

I also mad my very first California Roll Uramaki! I always thought it would be so difficult, but it's actually not that big of a deal. Maybe I'm talented, but I guess, it's just not that hard.

It was more of using lefovers instead of favourites. It had avocado (dislike), surimi (depends), cucumber (oishii) and mayonnaise (dislike again). Everything for it's own is so not delicious. But in combination it was good! Unbelievable.

Alright then, I'll show you some things from the new package later! :)

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