Tuesday, August 30, 2011


It's the title, it's the topic.
I've only been to Key West for a few days (eh... two), but I liked what I saw. The atmosphere, the look and the people - I really did like it all.
So I'm going to show you a lot of pictures, that's why I'm splitting this entry into two.

But first a little history class:
Key West has actually nothing to do with "West" - it's the southernmost point of the US. Key West is more of a translation mistake. The first English speaking settlers misunderstood the original name Cayo Hueso (means island of bones, long bloody story) and renamed it to Key West. Great huh? Okay, now that you've learned something, we can start with the pics.

This tour was one of the longest (I guess it actually was THE longest) journey during our trip. Driving from Miami to Key West takes some time, but it's very interesting, because the most time, all you see are bridges.
It basically looks like this:

You have tiny tiny islands, that can hold nothin but a road. The height difference between ocean and land is not even 30cm and yes, left side of the lane is water again. Sometime for miles. It can be a little frightning.

So we drove and drove and yeah, nothing interesting happened. Or I don't have it on picture, because we had our film camera with us. We only had a stop here:

And lunch at IHOP. I love diners! It's really sad, we don't have places like IHOP or Denny's in Germany. It's really nice there.

Our food (of course):

So yeah, I had a burger... But if I remember right, it was the only one during my 2 weeks there! I didn't eat the mayonnaise and it was good! What kind of buns are these? Never seen them before.
Maybe you wonder ( I guess you didn't even realize, but I'm telling you anyway), why my parents had breakfast for lunch. In my family we love warm breakfast (basically because we never have time to make one). We love it so much, we could eat it all the time. I love having bacon and eggs for dinner.

A couple of hours later we arrived at Key West (sadly our hotel was quite outside). I have pics of our room, but they look the same like the ones in Cocoa Beach. They look all the same...

This day was almost over, so we decided to just drive to the city and take the ghost tour. Again, I have lots of pics. But it was dark! I can't show you, I'm sorry.
It was a really interesting tour, where a guide takes you through town to all the creepy places, where people died or murdered or I don't know forgot to turn off the oven. Stuff like this. He (his name was Mike) did a good job, it was very funny. Or maybe it was supposed to be scary and he did a miserable job. I don't know, I felt entertained!

That day, we also took the chance to see the boardwalk. It's totally famous, because every evening the people gather to celebrate the sunset. There are lots of artists and strange curiosities and when the last sun beam vanishes, everybody claps. It's great.

On this pic, it's a little too early, there aren't a lot of people there yet. But there will be when it's getting darker.

They also have guys like this! I never thought, they really existed.

It was so cool!

The next entry will be about our second day, Ernest Hemingway, more food and everything else.

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