Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kennedy Space Center

Our first stop during our Florida trip was Cocoa Beach, which isn't THAT big of a deal and not very popular I guess (well, they do have the biggest surf shop of the world, that's pretty cool)...

But very close is Kennedy Space Center ...

I can't say, I was very interested at first, because I'm not a big astronautics fan...
But it was pretty amazing!

We started right off with a simulator, where you can "feel" a rocket launch. It's a nice idea and it's a little like you're experiencing the real thing. Of course they make a lot out of imagination.

This isn't the simulator, it's just a model nearby ... You could walk inside an check what it looks like...

There were a lot of videos and shows and stuff, that was designed justify the billions, that the US put into astronautics ... Well, I expected explanations blaming the Russians and everything, so this wasn't a big surprise ... it's getting a little boring...

They also have some 3D movies, that we had to choose from ... You can watch Transformers 3D, but it would have taken like FOREVER ... so we went for Hubble 3D and it was a great decision ... narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio it told the story of the Hubble Space Telescope, that shows the universum billions of lightyears away, cradle of stars and explained why we need it ... it was so beautiful and you should watch it, when you have the possibilty.

They currently have a Star Trek exhibition ... I'm not a fan, so not a big deal for me, but it was cute how they rebuild the controle room.

What was quite amazing was this thing:

It's the landing capsule! From a rocket, that's all what's left when the austronauts come back to earth. Three guys of girls have to fit in this ... can't imagine that!

Of course we had food as well! I'm one of the persons, who always make pictures of food ... For over 3 years now, I want to remember what I ate ... well ...

Those fries were like ... so ... good? I guess ... Well they were good, but so salty!! I'm sure it's all to get the people by drinks. Unfortunately, the cheese nachos weren't good at all ... oh, the nachos were, but the cheese! Wait, no ... not cheese - putty! Urgh.
 Infront of us were a bunch of Japanese people (I don't know, but I always meet Japanese) and the girls took like THE WHOLE MENUE!! It was really impressive ... they had Turkey legs (WHY ON EARTH can you buy turkey legs everywhere??) and one is enough for two ... but know, they also took hot dogs, nachos and Italian sausage and ... pretty much everything else.

So, that was it about Kennedy Space Center.
Here are the other interesting pictures from Cocoa Beach:

Ron Jon Surf Shop ... Biggest Surf Shop in the world ... they say.

M&Ms Coconut ... Maybe that's nothing special, but we don't have them in Germany and I've never seen them before so I had to take a picture.

My hotel room. Nothing special I guess ... Every room looked like this ... don't know why you need two king size beds everywhere.

Our car! So big ... and now about food.

Our breakfast. None of the hotels had breakfast, soooo ... we bought  bread (tipp against boredom ... try to find good, crispy wholegrain bread America), jam and some cheese and orange juice.

Dinner time! We went to Denny's and I've been there before in Japan but the menue here was (of course) different.

Well, I had the chicken, so I guess I was good. Haaa, it was really good! I don't know how they make the corn, but it's good.

Well, I think that's enough for now!! More about my trip later. :)

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