Monday, August 1, 2011

Sign of Life

Hey everybody, thanks to the free Holiday Inn Wi-Fi, I can write this entry. Half of my Florida travel is already over, time is passing so fast! When I realized, I had only a week left, I was quite shocked since I feel I haven't seen enough or didn't spent enough time. I only have two nights for every city, it's not enough. I guess a three weeks trip would have been better, but who could afford it? Not me.

First, we arrived at Orlando but we weren't going to stay there. Orlando is the big finale of this trip.

So we got our car (strangely we could pick whatever car we wanted) and drove to Cocoa Beach, which is really small but it was cute. Our stay there wasn't about Cocoa or Beaches, it was all about Kennedy Space Center, which is (believe it or not) very interesting!

Don't wonder about the dots! My mom is hidden underneath. :)
You can learn all about space travel and astronauts. They also have an Imax theater (watched Hubble 3D, which was AMAZING!) and a simulator, where you can feel a shuttle start. It was great, but I think my faced formed into something new...
So, the next day, we finally got to MIAMI! Hate me ... I didn't like it very much. Maybe because I had no chance to party or meet Will Smith and stuff...

But there were a few cool things. They have this great Art Deco district in Miami Beach and a great Renaissance like villa nearby. I'll tell you about it later.

So, in Miami I went to indulge my passion. The guide book told a lot about eating fresh fish and mentioned two sushi bars, so I stopped by.

Well, what can I say. It was good, but I had better. Especially since they tried to poison me by serving shrimp shumai instead of pork, that I ordered.

They also had this cute shop:

Guys, it's Christmas decoration. It was called "Christmas in Miami" and they offer tons of this stuff. Can you believe it?

So yesterday I left Key West, which was AWESOME! I'll about it later... just check this pic and you know, I loved it.

I don't know if I'll be able to post again during this trip. Tomorrow I'll see the Everglades, then 3 other cities and thel ast 4 days Orlando. It's so stressing.

See you!

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