Sunday, October 9, 2011

Renai Birthday and University fears

As I've told you before, on Thursday was my group's birthday and yesterday we all went to celebrate.
Well ... sadly not all, two couldn't make it.

Gena, Laureen and I went together, because we've spend the afternoon with sewing ... or rather Gena, who actually knows what she's doing, tried to beat some skills into us ... sorry for being bothersome!

Like last year, we went to Ishin restaurant, because it's good and not too expensive!
Haaa... and it was GOOD!

All in all, we were Gena, Giny, Nikki, Mina, Laureen and I. Nice group of 6 people.

But a bigger problem is on its way. Tomorrow I'm enrolling in university and I'm really scared!!
Not if people will be nice and such.

I'm continuously asking myself: "Was it the right decision?" "Should I've chosen an apprenticeship?" "Am I studying the right subjects?" "Can I handle the work?" "Can I make it in 3 years?" "Do I actually know how to learn after over 3 years?" "Will I be successfull?" "Am I ruining my damn life?!"

I am so scared ... I've had so much time and still I can't believe, it's already tomorrow. Time really flies in the blink of an eye.

I hope, I can finally be happy...

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