Wednesday, October 12, 2011

University Start and KONEKO

As I've told you before, Monday was my very first university day.
The last two days were so damn exhausting, I haven't had any time to blog - all my freetime went to creating a schedule, finding the right paths and not losing my mind.

It's SO confusing ... when I'm looking at the past two days, I just want to quit the shit ... but whatelse should I do?? I have to get a grip of my life, right? Can't keep on being a baby forever... damn it. T_T

So on Monday, I went to the first events, where they welcome you, give you some presents (a fancy fabric bag and other stuff) and try to take your fears ... which they really suck at.
Then, right afterwards, I had my first actvities in history, met some new people and a girl I hang out with the day ... sometimes I can't believe how easy it is to get to know people ... or maybe that's just me.
They tried to explain the schedule to us ... in German universities, for most subjects, you have to create you own schedule from scratch. Some (like physics or buisness studies) get finished schedules but I didn't. I have to check what I can do and check my study points and what to do when and how much of it and get signaturs and yeah, basically I hate everything about it. Maybe studying wasn't the right thing to do after all.
Well, I'm going to hang on for at least one year and if I'm still hating it, I have to look for something else to do with my life.

But now to something nice!!!

Today was the release of Koneko, a European magazine, that me and my group Renai Revolution are in! I've already bought it haha.

Bitte kauft euch die Koneko! Damit unterst├╝tzt ihr nicht nur Renai Revolution, ihr habt auch die Chance, bis zu 3 Kleider zu gewinnen!
Andernfalls, geht einfach auf diesen Link, dort erfahrt ihr auch die Teilnahmebedinungen:

I also got a book, I've ordered a while ago!

I'm really happy about it, because Aoki Misako is really one of my favourite Lolita models!
Unfortunately my friend Laureen received the same book shortly after and I could have borrowed it! T_T

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