Sunday, October 2, 2011

Renai Revolution Concert

Yesterday Renai Revolution went to Braunschweig to attend NiSaCon#2!

Although it was a quite small convention (still practicing here...), the audience was actually excisting (not as natural as you might think) and I think they've enjoyed our program!

We left Berlin around 9am, which is quite a late time for showgroups, but it was good for us.

Everyone's still quite tired, although it's not that late as a matter of fact!
Giny and Gena came WAY too late - like 5 minutes before our train left, but they made it. If not, they would have missed the train AND the live and we would have felt the need to kick their asses really badly.
They overslept ... still can't believe it.

So of course they weren't ready with styling and such.

Oh and Gena had to finish her dance outfit, which at that time could have hold Laureen twice!

Waiting in Magdeburg, we had to switch trains.

The final hour in train to Braunschweig. Wow, I sure have a lot of inside train pictures, haven't I? But what can I say? IT'S ALL WE'VE SEEN!

Yay, we've already unpacked some neonlight! They're just so tempting ... some (drunk) guys even asked if they cold buy some from us, but sorry guys! We needed them.

Gena. All I have to say!

Leader and Sub-Leader! Picture quality is so bad, but it was SO dark, that I had to lighten in up in order to actually see something. We wanted to retake the pic, but then forgot it.

Mina's a Psyduck! We thought about who could be which Pokemon and because Mina's colour is yellow and she had a headache, she got the Enton.
I was a Jigglypuff or something like this, because my special attack is Charme.
Nikki said of herself, she would be Snorlax, but I think she'd be more of a Geodude.
And Laureen? I don't know, maybe Charmander, because she's hot?

We finally arrived Braunschweig!

Ha, a great picture! But sadly I'm not in it, because as a matter of course I'm taking it! Damn it!!!

Then, we had our performance and it was really great! Videos will be up very soon.
I think we were really great.

Everybody told me how my singing was really great and how I've improved so much, but I'm not so sure. I've listend to the recording again und I feel I'm putting too much throat in every tone. Maybe I'm to critical with myself, but I think I still have a LONG way to go until I'm a good singer.

At the end, we've split up into teams of four, because some wanted to stay a little longer and some wanted to leave. So Laureen, Mina, Nikki and I took the train home, while Yumi, Giny, Tuti and Gena stayed.

I'm very happy about the day. Our next live will be MMC in Berlin! It'll be a lot more complicated, because we won't have enough mics and have to adapt our program. Oi vey...

But I can now reveal the title of our 2012 program!!
It'll be:

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