Sunday, December 4, 2011

A little ita

So, a few weeks ago, a new Subarashi package arrived ... you know ... the shop, I'm working for?

And usually the packages got some great stuff in it (too bad, I don't fit into the punk clothes, they're awesome!) but this time ... there was an Ita outfit for everyone ... like the classic: a black dress with white lace. So ugly!
I've already spoken to my boss and she said I could alter it any way I want to, but first I have to present it the way it is. I've really tried to explain to her how embarassing this kind of dress is, that nobody would wear it and that it's so old-fashioned ... but she said, that most dresses they sell are black. Oh my. I guess it can't be helped.

So this is the dress:

I really have to say ... we got so many of this black&white dresses, but mine is still the ugliest ... by far.
I still tried to rock the dress ... I mean, a pretty girl can wear anything, right?
Please don't judge me on this, I'm just doing my job here...

But I'm still going to alter it. Away with this white ribbons and lace and ruffles, yak!

In the first picture, you can see my very first Lolita shoes! They're a bit too small, so I guess they're going to be picture shoes and next time I'm going to buy a size bigger.

I've also bought this today:

Christmastime always means reading to me! I've wanted a book series and I had the choice between the Inkheart trilogy, the Narnia series and this one. Narnia was REALLY expensive and the other two were reduced to a payable price, so I only had to decide between them. I've seen the first Inkheart movie and so I kinda know, what it's about. I have no idea about Panem, I only know, there'll be a movie next year. So I've decided to read the books, before the movie ruins it for me (kinda like LOTR...)

I hope, I'll like it! First I have to finish this one:

Gotte read faster...

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  1. Aber hey mit den Schuhen und der Perücke sieht das echt bombastisch aus~~~! Ich muss sagen das ist bisher deine beste Lolita-Kombi, sieht sehr authentisch aus~

    ach schade, hättest du was gesagt ich hab doch bei hugendubel rabatt. óò hätt ichs dir besorgen können.