Friday, September 30, 2011

Takahashi Ai Graduation ... Ai Believe

Today (or in Japan already yesterday), was a very sad day for me.

My beloved Takahashi Ai-chan graduated from Morning Musume.

I can't believe the era will be over...

During my first years of fandom in early 2004 (wow, almost 8 years now), she wasn't my favourite all along. She just seemed a little boring and dull, but I guess that was because she was drowning in the mass of girls.

But since 2006, she really started to shine and I've grown to love her voice, her dancing, her manscreams, her overreacting from time to time, her caring for all the members and her crying over each and every single one leaving.

And today it was herself.

I am so sad.

Being leader of group myself, maybe I can feel a little more sympathy with her, or maybe I'm just fooling myself. But sometimes I felt a connection, when I saw her encouraging the girls, trying to protect each and every one of them but sometimes you have to scold them and are misunderstood a lot.
When seeing this, I always felt love for her.

AI BELIEVE, you'll be alright! You're an amazing singer and entertainer and I'll be watching your steps from now on.

I won't stop being a Morning Musume Fan - I don't love them because of graduations and changing members ... I love them despite of it.

So please, even if Ai graduated, don't graduate as a fan!

Support Morning Musume and the new members, they deserve a chance!

And please keep watching over Takahashi Ai!

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