Sunday, January 8, 2012

I'm an actress and Wota World I

So, first of all. Yesterday was the opening performance of my theater group and it was AMAZING!!! We all weren't so sure about the play, but the audience was so great. They started laughing from the second phrase in the debut monologue. oO It was really cool.
I also think, I was really good! People were laughing with me, fierce with me ... and actually at one part, a few were crying with me.
Yes, I've cried. I have one really sad monologue and I was good during rehearsals, but never really ... you know, I think no one would have bought it. But yesterday. Everything was like rehearsal, but suddenly I felt the tears coming up and it wasn't on purpose I was just in the right mood, because I felt my character ... and then I cried and I really hat to fight the tears, so I could stay with the script. Some women were actually crying as well!!
I don't mean to be arrogant, but I think yesterday was the best performance I've ever did!! Maybe I can never repeat it, but it doesn't matter, because yesterday was brilliant. I can proudly say: I'm an actress.

But no something with pictures. Inspired by some other blogs, I want to show you my JPop collection ... and because I'm a H!P fan, I'm calling it my Wota World. Since there's so much, I'm only showing you the Momusu Singles today!

So far, I've got 11. I know there are 12 in the picture, but the two bottom rights are the same with a different cover. It's both Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Negatterun da yo - Ai-chan's graduation single.

The last one I got was this:

Pepper Keibu. It was a present out of the blue and I was really happy! It's always great to get older singles, because I want to have EVERY MORNING MUSUME SINGLE EVER MADE ... but it's impossible, you know? I can't afford to buy older singles, so I can buy the newest and support them. But Pepper Keibu looks really cool, especially Eri!

She looks so HOT with her hair like this. I saw her and thought: "Wow, this girl is supposed to be a movie star!" On the other side, it made me sad, because she's gone for over a year now...

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