Thursday, January 5, 2012

Panic Deluxe and some Sweet Lolita Things

Okay, the day after tomorrow (on the 7th of January) I'm going to be in a stage play! This is actually not the first time, I'm in a theater group for like 3 years now, starting my 4th and I've participated in 2 plays so far. Saturday will be the third and I'm nervous like hell! Today we the next-to-last rehearsal and everything went really wrong... no one knows where to stand, no one knows their lines, no one knows this, no one knows that. It's creeping me out!!
Anyway, we're still going to have the opening night like it was planned! The whole hall looks amazing, with great effects and awesome props. Who cares everything's chaos as long as there's coming vapour out of the deep-freezer, right?
Damn it...

So! Some nice things!! I've got some Christmas money and I've invested a part of it in fashion! I really needed some well fitting Lolita shoes! Since the last ones were kind of a flop (if someone asks you, if you really want the bigger size, you say YES!!!) and I can only wear them for shootings, I bought another pair.
I was going for these in pink:

but when I clicked "pay" the screen switched and told me, they were sold out and I took another pair. AND TODAY, THEY'RE AGAIN READY TO ORDER!!! Somebody please tell me what happened, I have no idea! Total bummer. -_-
These are the ones I got now:

They're pretty, too, but somehow... I'm already a quite tall Lolita (not as tall as some other girls, I've seen, but still), I don't need to be any taller. Well, I'm going to let everything the way it is and maybe buy the other ones in another color later.

I've also bought this one:

Haaaah ... pretty! I hope, I'll fit it well (stupid boobs...)
I'm always trying to find dresses, that I could also wear casually. I think this is one and I hope the bow is removable ...

You know what's funny?? Lolita is a fashion, that mostly girls of a certain age (sounds old^^) can afford ... but it makes us look so ... weird. I'm only into the fashion for like 1 year now and I'm not a teenager anymore... Thank God, I don't look my age at all (everybody asking me, if I'm already 18, thank you!), so I can wear Sweet Lolita a few more years.
Then it's going to be Classic, I guess.... hm, pretty as well. And maybe I won't be into it anymore...

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  1. OH man ich weiß gar nicht ob ich kommen kann, mein Schnupfen hängt mir immer noch nach und der Kopf brummt mir auch i.wie. Ic h versuchs auf alle Fälle T_T