Monday, January 2, 2012

Niigaki Risa Graduation

I just can't believe, what I've just read!!

Last 5th generation member and current Morning Musume leader Niigaki Risa is going to graduate from the group and Hello!Project at the end of the 2012 Spring Tour on May, 13th (holy shit, that's my birthday!! Oo).

It seems like Gaki-san wants to pursue the same dream as Ai-chan: being a musical actress and improve her acting.

But I guess, it was obvious ... I now remember, what Ai said in her graduation message: "Sorry Gaki-san, for graduating before you."

I'm really sad, but I think it's alright. Maybe Gaki was a little lonely without Ai. Actually the two of them were planning to graduate together, but with 9th and 10th gen joining, Risa decided to stay a little longer and teach them as good as she could. I just hope, Risa is happy and can chase her dreams, the way she wants too.

I totally hope, that'll be it for the graduations in a while! It's been enough and we need time to get used to the new members and learn to like them!! At least leave Sayu, Reina and Aika where they are. Just a little while, please!

Love you Risa! Love you forever.

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