Saturday, June 4, 2011

Gyaru Secrets

Lately a friend of mine told me a lot about a site called "Gyaru Secrets", so of course I had to check it out.

First of all, I am not gal and I don't want to be (because basically they're creeping me out, your hair shouldn't look like a middle class family could live in there). Plus, I'm a little chubby and I don't feel like losing like lot of pounds to look like a praying mantis. But besides that, I respect other tastes and in my opinion every one can look the way he or she likes. Who cares? Fluffy hair doesn't make you a bad person.

So I was really surprised, that Gyaru Secrets obviously doesn't share my opinion. Ignoring, that there is no secret in a open-to-everyone blog, they're really ... mean. Their national sport seems to be bashing other people. When you call yourself a gal you're free to be bashed (their words, not mine). They pick pics (haha) and tell the girls how fat or ugly they look in their opinion. Getting high by putting others down, that's only prove of low self-esteem.

My friend, who wants to be a gal without being so grim,  is not so fond of Gyaru Secrets and now scared to appear on the site.
Seriously, people are actually scared to appear on that site! It's not funny anymore! If you want a blog about fashion, you should make it a fun site, that people like to visit ... not a site that people only check to see if they've been bashed or not. Even if I'd think about being a gal, I would be to scared about the site ...

I'm curious if there are similar sites about Lolitas? Or Punk? Or Visus? Or ... well, whatever there is. Are there?


  1. I understand that I'm months late in commenting on this. However, I just recently thought about the being a Gal, because it seemed interesting, but after just recently (actually a few minutes ago) reading the Gyaru's Secrets, I completely changed my mind. Their comments were so mean and ruthless. I was really shocked by what I was reading. Peole should have a choice to express themselves through fashion they way they want without being humiliated in public like that. It's basically cyber bullying to me. It seems like some people knew what they were saying about others but simply didn't care. Which is saddening to me.

    1. I know what you mean. I love Lolita style, but then I found out, there is a site called Lolita secrets. First, I was way too scared to post any Lolita related entries, because I can't afford the right stuff or follow all the weird rules... but then I decided, nobody would decide for me. If I want to wear the style, I'm wearing it and I don't care. You should wear whatever you like, you're not hurting anyone!!! Go ahead and be the best Gyaru in the world! :D