Monday, June 13, 2011

Lolita Secrets

A few days ago, I wrote about the website Gyaru Secrets, that bashes gals and asked, if there were similiar sites.
There are.

Today I've found Lolita Secrets, which is basically the same sites, just that they're bashing Lolitas not gals. Easy, huh?

So, apparently there are 6 rules:

1. You're not allowed to have a boyfriend.
2. You're not allowed to buy from bodyline
3. You're not allowed to go to the toilet in Lolita (excuse me?!)
4. You're not allowed to wear anything cheap or handmade, only brand like Angelic Pretty.
5. You're not allowed to be chubby. (They all have this rule ... maybe except for, I don't know, Sumo Secrets?)
6. You're not allowed to be OTT (over the top).

Not so easy, huh? What can I say? To me, most of it is sorta bs... maybe it's because I was born as a girl, who actually has to work for money, but I hate the rule, that you can't wear low price or handmade stuff. Angelic Pretty and all that stuff costs a FORTUNE. Call me cheap, but I wan't to like eat on a daily basis, instead of having cute dresses.

I don't understand rules for fashion at all. Fashion is supposed to be fun. It's all about showing your personality, creativity and beauty ... but buying all the same dresses, wigs, accessories, that just makes you a lemming.
You like bodyline? Just go ahead and shop there ... having a bodyline dress won't make you any less intelligent or cute or wonderful in character. In just makes you someone, who knows how to prioritize (like thinking a little further than the next 2 months, when you might need money).

I don't claim to be a Lolita ... I'm just working as a model (it's so great and I love it so much, thank you boss), but I'm not hardcore. So maybe I'm not the right person to write about this. But still I'm intelligent enough to realize when something goes very wrong...

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