Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wigs, wigs, wacko?!

I don't like my hair very much. It's just like that, I'm not fond of it. The colour is weird, it hasn't any volume, it's just hanging around and it's quite thin, it's getting greasy so fast. I'm a blonde, that's the only thing I like - being blonde is a great thing. I like it so much, I died my hair to be even blonder. But since I have to wash it so often (every 2,3 days) I'm too lazy to actualy style it. I love curly hair, but it's not worth my time! My styling wouldn't stay longer than any of Paris Hilton's boyfriends.

So, since I'm a model, I had to make my hair often. Very often. It's exhausting! So I've started to buy some wigs. Most people might think that's not necessary, weird, whatever. But I like it. I can try different styles without ruining my hair in some crackbrained action. So if I want to be a brunette for a day, I can!

Strange, huh? I know, why I don't have bangs, but I have to say, I like this one. I have to buy some more... It's refreshingly addicting...

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