Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nanchatte Renai Classic Lolita

I know, I said I'm not a lolita just a few posts ago. And I'm not! Just sometimes ... for work. I don't claim to be a lolita, but I love to dress up in antique style ... maybe because I have some wide hips, which are concealed by the rococo style.

This is the most recent dress:

I really love the Morning Musume kinda Nanchatte Renai vibe. It's not the most practical dress, but it looks so great with few efforts.

I'm not going to wear it too often though. It's just not very comfortable ... too bad!

What do you think?

I actually like classic lolita best, but I also LOVE sweet lolita. Sadly, I feel I'm too tall for the last one. Still, dressing up is fun.

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