Friday, September 23, 2011

Animal Kingdom

As I've said, we had 3 days for all 4 Disney parks, so we had to decide which two were good enough for one day each and which two could be half. Of course Magic Kingdom needed a whole day! And Hollywood Studios have the Tower of Terror...

So for the first day, we wanted to see Animal Kingdom and Epcot Center! We also wanted to save money in form of parking fees, we decided to use the shuttle idea.
Very. stupid. idea.
Later I'll explain why.

We started at Animal Kingdom, because our guide said to get there early in order to actually see animals, which usually hide when it's too hot.
BUT FIRST we wanted to take the great ride Expedition Everest.

After we convinced my mum, it wasn't a real roller coaster and totally easy (still don't know how we did this) she agreed to come with us.
It was a little mean... true, it's not a real coaster, it has no loops, but it actually goes forward, backwards and in the dark. I loved it!

Then, we finally wanted to see some animals:

Wait ... some animals!

And they were all so busy sleeping! But actually you can watch more animals in every smaller zoo...
At that point I noticed something. Is it possible, that a lot of Animal Kingdom's employees are disabled??
I'm not so sure, but it seemed like it.

We then took a ride for Dinoland:

But a big part of it was closed! Therefore, we took the Dinosaur ride two times, which was really fun.

We had lunch:

My second corndog ever. I've had one before in Tokyo, but it was really gross! So this time I wanted an authentic one. AND IT WAS DELICIOUS! Too bad they don't sell this stuff in Germany.

Finally, let me tell you something about the emblem of Animal Kingdom: The Tree of Life.

It's a huge tree, which first seems really wrinkly.

But when you get closer, you can see dozens of animals in it!

Obviously noone cares, that the "Tree of Life" is made out of plastics and cement... oh well.

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