Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Love Key West Part 2

I wasn't going to let so much time pass during the entries, but hey. It happens, right?

So my second day in Key West was really great.

First, we drove to the town (of course) and walked down to the southernmost point of the US. I have to say, this place is really nice!
Trees, houses, everything is just beautiful. I'd love to live in a place like this, but sadly I'm living in a not so pretty part of Berlin.

So here's me 90 miles away from Cuba. This spot is closer to Cuba than it is to Miami! Underneath the berries is my mum.

We also found this cute thing nearby. I've always just seen them on TV and I never thought thing like this actually existed nowadays. My mum forgot to hide her arm though...

After this we went home to have "lunch." You know, the Keys are very famous for their Lime Cake. And although it sounds disgusting, we had to buy some. Of course!
So we headed to the hotel to eat some cake ... an because I know myself (I don't like most cakes ... I'm the fried food type) I got myself some sushi from the supermarket. Well it sure was good ... but I didn't check the label and ended with spicy sushi. WHO ON EARTH PUTS CHILI SAUCE IN SUSHI?!?! IT'S NOT DELICOUS! SPICY TUNA MAKI ARE MADE A DIFFERENT WAY!

Eh ... well ... it was quite alright.
The cake was not. I can't even describe it ... I ate a small piece and that was it. Just not my taste.

Afterwards we decided to go for Hemingway's house. I have to say ... that guy knew how to live.

We wanted to see his favourite bar, too (good stories), but it was crowded!

So we went here for dinner:

Which was a great decision!! Probably the best food during our whole trip. We just went there, because we had coupons for drinks from our hotel but it was great!

Very big cocktails - the only ones during this two weeks (talking 'bout expensive...)

Ribs for my dad:

I don't know what they did with the fries, but they were so delicious, I could have eaten two servings of them alone!

My mums Italian sandwich:

My tuna avocado sandwhich:

This was so good, I'm going to make one like this at home. You should try it out as well... SO GOOD!

So this was pretty much the Key West part of our trip. Some more interesting pictures:

I've taken these pictures, because we don't have these M&Ms flavours in Germany and I've never seen them before. I've tried the pretzel ones (German, hello?) and they're weird ... chocolaty, sweet, crispy, dry and salty. Really weird.

I remember, they sold this stuff in Germany, when I was in elementary. Nowadays you can't buy it anymore. I tried this to remember and it was just as chemical as I thought! I don't think there was any ham in this ham ... I think we have a law against stuff like this in Germany.

And last one!

We didn't get in. It was already filled.

Well then, see you soon!

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