Monday, September 26, 2011


On the same day as Animal Kingdom, we've also been to Epcot Center ... which isn't very funny.
Maybe it's just me, but everything feels very grown up, that's too bad.

Epcot means: Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow. SO it's the future, yay!!
Well of course it's not, I just wanted to say that.

The landmark is really impressive! It's Spaceship Earth and contains an attraction, where you fly through the society of tomorrow.

Actually, Epcot is a place, where you can learn a lot about environment, technology and more. I think it would be great for a class trip.

They also have this famous World Showcase, with several nations and building from their countries. UNFORTUNATLY my parents thought our ride home would arrive 2 hours earlier than it actually did, so we left the park way to early and had to rush through the World Showcase. I was kinda pissed.
All I got was my Orlando Hello Kitty from Japan and I wish I've had the time to look around more.

This was the German part:

I don't know, why they don't just call it Bavaria...

At the end of the day, we just went to dinner at a nearby Taco Bell and that was it. Really not that interesting, right?

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