Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fort Myers - Edison Museum

Yay, another entry today. Geez, I'm really working this Sunday...

Soo, I just went to our harvest fair for a short stop and it was really cute. I roe the Ferris weel and had chocolate coated grapes like Marguerite Gautier has them every day. They were good.

I didn't take many pictures and I also want my Florida posts to be over before I blog about anything else. I have some new Lolita clothes and news to share, but first I want to end my vacation story. It's almost the end!! Only St. Petes and Orlando left.

Today is Fort Myers.I don't remember much of this town. I just know, we've been there to see the Edison / Fort Museum.
Did you know Thomas Edison and Henry Ford were good friends and even lived next to each other?? Me neither! I just love history. I hope I can learn something about American history in college as well, not only European.

I was really excited about this museum, becaus it is Edison's old house with a huge park surrounding it.
You could also learn lots of things about him ... like at the end of his life, he was almost completely deaf but still enjoyed music very much and he had a big company! He holds over 1000 patentrights!
And he did not only invent things like the lightbulb or the phonograph, he also brought electrical devices like toasters or waffle irons to everybody's home (just not mine, because my parents don't want to buy one...)

So, here are the pics:

Such a beautiful interior design!! I really love this style... I hope I can have a home like this later.

This is Henry Ford.

Oh right. And because it's me, here the picture of our dinner:

Just chicken. We wanted to save some money, so we just got some fried chicken and white bread. It was really interesting but I don't need to have it again. So greasy! I should have known better, I also don't like KFC.

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