Thursday, September 15, 2011

St. Petersburg

I really want to get this over with and St. Petersburg -oh sorry, it's now St.Petes (Seriously? It sounds like a bar! What's wrong with you guys? oo) wasn't THAT interesting.
We didn't know what to do the whole day, so we went for the aquarium, since I really love them.

It actually wasn't that big of a deal... Some things were quite cool though. They had these birds walking around like everywhere ... I'm not so sure if I really like this idea. I hope, they can't fly at all otherwise it means, they've cut their wings and I hate things like this.

They also had some new sharks and I've learned a new thing. Usually sharks can't breath, when they don't swim, but that doesn't go for every shark. Some can't breath without swimming ... or moving at all ... I didn't know that!

What else? Oh, right, we went here:

What do you think?? It's the Salvatore Dali museum!! It's so spooky, isn't it?? Like a jail...
I'm not a big fan of his works (Mustache guy ... had weird thoughts...) but my mom wanted to see it.

So after we went to the aquarium for me, and the museum fro me, we had to do something my dad wanted. He wished to go for an all you can eat restaurant (we still don't know why, we have those in Germany as well...) but all we got was a Chinese buffet. We have thos in Germany very often!
But it was good. I had tapioca pudding for the first time and I'll try to make it myself.

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