Monday, December 26, 2011

26th and gifts

Well, Christmas is almost over and I'm a bit sad... Christmas is always too short ... but maybe that's not too bad, since more Christmas would mean more eating ... and you can actually say, that the Christmas mood stays until the end of the year, right?

So today, we went to a Chinese restaurant. I really like Chinese and while eating I'm in heaven ... but in the end, I feel like everything tasted similar. If I remember correctly, food in China tasted more differently, but it's been some years and maybe I'm wrong.

What we had, clockwise starting from the white bowl at 12 'o clock: mabodofu (very spicy tofu with ground meat), sukiyaki beef, sweet 'n sour pork, gong bao chicken (spicy chicken with cashew nuts), deep fried redfish (yay, I finally got them to order some fish!) and bami goreng noodles.
It was very delicious and we got some calendars and a bottle of plum wine! Every Chinese restaurant gives out calendars around New Years Eve ... weird...

My mum and I had to take the train there ... we invited my other grandma to the restaurant and that means, we were 6 persons. There's only room for 5 in the car, so my mum offered to go by train. Because I'm nice and we don't have that much time together anymore, I went with her.

It was quite a brilliant idea, because after lunch, when everyone was driving home, us two headed for the Christmas market and got some hot wine punch and candy AND she bought me a cute candle holder, which was reduced. It was really great with her.

Apropos presents. I've told you, I was going to show you my presents right? I admit, I love getting presents! But I also love making them and seeing the happy faces (which I couldn't, because everyone is of course with his or her family, how it's right!). Sadly, I didn't take any pictures of the ones, I made.
Well, here's what I got:

Some books, of course. No Christmas without them.

The first Professor Layton (quite old already, I know). I think it's my parents way to tell me to use my brains more often.^^

Present from LauLau. It's so lovely and I've already worn the bracelet two days in a row (well of course not while sleeping...)

Present from Mina. She got quite a lot cute things this year and I think, she bought LauLau and me some kind of a couple present. But you know, what's too bad? I've already gotten the cookie mirror before. Now I've got one for every eye. :)

And of course:

Not a year without it!

I've also gotten some clothes, but I don't feel like sharing my nightgown with the world.
Oh right, and of course the camera.
Ha ... yeah ... I really love getting presents.

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  1. Wie kommts nur, dass du viel mit Weltgeschichte erhältst haha :3 ich war auch kurz davor hatte ne super Idee, nur keine Zeit, weil es hätte bestellt werden müssen.
    Falls der Spiegel kaputt oder verloren geht, hast du Ersatz~ oder aber es ist ja auch nicht verkehrt es weiter zu verschenken (soll man ja angeblich nicht machen aaber->), besser so als drauf rumsitzen.
    Ein bisschen couple ist schon, aber ganz Renai hat ein paar ähnliche Dinge geschenkt bekommen.^^
    Nach all dem Essen hoffe ich, dass wir noch in unsere Kleider passen im Januar! *schreck*