Sunday, December 11, 2011

Disney on Ice 2011: Princesses and Heroes

So, yesterday was the day of Disney on Ice! I wasn't as curious as last year, because the theme was princesses and I really thought it would be to cheesy for me.
What I didn't think of ... less big-headed costumes and more princesses means more serious figure skating! IT WAS AMAZING!!!
There were some costumes like the dwarfs or Lumiere and of course they can't do anything, they have to keep their balance, right? But the boys and girls, who were just in fancy clothes, they could show all their strength!
A bit funny were the "small" characters ... like the dwarfs or Lumiere or Fabius and Sebastian and so on ... they're all taller than everyone else!! Except for Aladdin's Abu, because he was fake... so was Aladdin ... I don't mean to sound rude, but there's no way that guy and Yasmin were somehow Near East related... after all they were Asians.

I didn't take any pictures, because I had my video camera with me, so I'll make a video soon! But here are some official pictures from other sites:

And then my mom bought me this:

Weee, thank you Mama!! It was my very first snow cone! But it wasn't as expensive as in this picture... In was just like 7 Euro, not 15 Dollars ... Jeez, in the US they really skin Disney lovers...

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