Monday, December 12, 2011

Democracy and Oligarchy

Today in college we've learned the differences of democracy and oligarchy (everything else, that's not democracy) ... not specifically what they are, because we all know that, but how they emerged in Ancient Greece. It was really interesting and my prof is so into the topic, he makes it actually quite fun!
Like today, he told the story of a people's spokesperson, who was going to be executed. But the night before he was so drunk, that he couldn't leave his house and the people murdered someone else, who they thought was him. The next day, they realized they got the wrong guy and the right one was still there!
Lucky guy... he lived because he drank too much.

Anyway, I think this might be a possible topic for our examination in February. Differences between the two things, maybe with the examples of Athens and Sparta. Hm, wouldn't be all too bad, I think I could do it...

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