Tuesday, December 27, 2011

End of the year

Oh well, Christmas is over and I'm really pumped out...

Also, my holidays aren't very relaxing. I might have had one week more of free days, but every day is filled with book reports, reviews, discussion papers or oral presentation. It's like school's mocking me: "You have more free days to work at home!"

And worse: First schoolday in the new year will be January, 2nd ... every prof canceled its lesson ... except for the first one, which is at 8am! I'm so pissed. -_-

But before that, there are a few days left, that I can use to ... uh ... learn... I hate my life.

New Year's Eve is near, too. Somehow, this year I didn't make any plans at all and let it just coming. Really a lot of people asked me, if I wanted to join them and I was always like: "Ah, well, I'll think about it", because I had my mind somewhere else in the clouds.

Now I kinda missed the train, damn it! oO
Let's see, what I'm going to do about it...

Oh and by the way, check this out! The best Christmas Carol (although Christmas is over ... ah, what the heck) in the world:

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