Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! It's the evening of December, 25th and that means, Christmas is over for 2/3! Tommorrow is the 2nd Christmas Day and that's it for 2011.
Oh wait!! If we've got really bad luck, this was the very last Christmas EVER, because ... you know ... next year... 2012... oh my. I think I should drink some more Kahlua Milk...

So far, Christmas was quite nice. No one was crying, everybody liked their present and my grandma is as grumpy as always. Christmas in my family...

The 24th was really relaxing! Most years, usually almost one of us is freaking out, because he (yeah ... it's always my dad) forgot to buy presents. But this year he got them on the 22nd! Wow!

So yeah, my mum and I were cooking ... because for Christmas Eve we always make some special dinner, that's different every year. Last year we had Shabu Shabu, this year we had different things.

Nikuman, Saté-Picks, Potatoesalad, Filled Mushrooms and Crabcroquette! It was really delicious! The potatoesalad was made by my granny. I've told her like A WEEK ago, she shouldn't make too much, because we had lot of other things. She promised me, to make only a bit. Yesterday at lunch time, I've remembered her again und she said once again, yes she only made little bit.
Then she presented us with this big bowl of potatoe salad and I've asked her:
"Granny, why did you make that much?? I've told you, there'd be plenty of other things!"
And she said:
"Well, if I'm taking the time to make it, I'm also making a whole bowl!"
Like we've never had the conversation before! It's so typical of her and so annoying!!!! What's wrong with you old lady?!
Anyway, food was oishii.

By the way, this is our Christmas tree.

Isn't it beautiful!! The top is a bit leaning, but apart from that, it's perfect! Lots of the Christmas tree balls, I've brought from Japan, but some are really old and still made from glass. They're quite expensive and my mum won't let me handle them ... I don't know why, but she thinks, I'm a bit clumsy...

And this is the tree with it's lights on:

And these are the presents. Next year we need to get some fake big ones, to give the tree a more appealing look.

Today was the 25th! The actual CHRISTMAS!!! In Germany, we open our presents on Christmas Eve, so actually 25th, is not that special to us ... well, anyway, here's what I wore!

A little bit Lolita, but not perfect ... I'm only wearing Bodyline (gotta mix the "brands" more) and I was too lazy to actually make my hair, so I've just made a bun. I also don't have a white petticoat, although it should have arrived here ages ago! Damn it! 
And today we also had the real Christmas Dinner (well, lunch here), which is so complicated. I really hate rosting poultry, it never works the way I want it to. This year was duck... Next year we gotta get a goose again.

It's a Julia Child recipe for the duck, grandma's recipe for the cabbage, commercial dumblings and American cranberry sauce. It wasn't perfect, but really delicious.

Tomorrow, we're going for Chinese, what we do every year since I remember. It's a weird tradition, that I think, a lot German families are sharing with us.
I've also forgot to make pictures of the presents, I'll do that tomorrow!
But you can see one... a new camera! I'm SO HAPPY!!!!!

By the way, I've finished my book report a week early. I'm so proud of myself. T_T

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